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Firecrest Circular Polarizer - Formatt-Hitech USA
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Firecrest Circular Polarizer

    Polarizers are essential filters for increasing the image quality of your outdoor photographs because they reduce atmospheric haze, increasing contrast between clouds and sky, and remove unwanted reflections from water, windshields, windows, and foliage. The Firecrest Circular Polarizers are premium quality polarizers featuring our exclusive Firecrest anti-reflective, multi-coating providing your images will have the highest contrast and fidelity.

    What is the difference between Firecrest Standard, Firecrest Pro, and Firecrest Ultra?

    Firecrest ND Firecrest Pro Firecrest Ultra
    Rare Earth IRND Coating
    Scratch Resistant
    Anti Reflective Edge Seal
    Precision Lap and Polish



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