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Multistop Fader Filter (Variable ND) - Formatt-Hitech USA
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Multistop Fader Filter (Variable ND)


    The Variable ND is a speciality filter designed to allow quick and continuously variable adjustment of light attenuation between approximately 1-6 stops, depending on conditions. Variable ND filters are very popular with filmmakers because they will enable the cinematographer to quickly and precisely adjust exposure.

    The Variable ND is the quickest way to make exposure adjustments for the time-constrained independent filmmaker/influencer. This filter uses a rotating ring to change filter density.

    Variable NDs are technically not NDs at all, but a combination of 2 specially designed polarizers which create an ND-like effect, meaning the filter has a slight polarizing effect which can be controlled using the rear adjustment ring.

    Made from Aerospace grade aluminum the filter is corrosion resistant and extremely light.


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