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LucrOit 165mm 2-Slot Pro Filter Holder - Formatt-Hitech USA
LucrOit 165mm 2-Slot Pro Filter Holder - Formatt-Hitech USA
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LucrOit 165mm 2-Slot Pro Filter Holder

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    The second generation LucrOit Pro holder is specially designed for large-barrel wide-angle lenses such as the Canon TS-E 17mm or the Nikon 14-24mm that otherwise lack a filter solution. This new style holder comes with tabs for attaching French flag and barn door style visors (available for purchase separately or included with kits) for controlling reflections and lens flare. The LucrOit holder uses donut adapters that fit over the lens to eliminate vignetting with these extreme wide angle lenses. Adapters are available for over 20 wide angle lenses, plus 77mm and 82mm threaded lenses. This LucrOit system uses 165mm filters.

    NOTE: Adaptor rings for the 165mm LucrOit Pro holder are NOT compatible with the 165mm LucrOit Pro L Holder.


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