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Size: 4x5.65"
Density: Yellow 8
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Formatt Hitech Black & White Contrast cinema filters create a suppression of highlights and overall increase in contrast of black and white images. They can be used on modern digital cameras with monochrome shooting modes or on color capture that is desaturated to black and white in post production.

These filters are made from premium Schott optical glass with a proprietary color bonding process that holds to Kodak Wratten number standards.

Yellow 8 is the weakest strength that will affect contrast slightly giving definition to otherwise flat images.

Green 56 is the most versatile with a moderate amount of contrast control. Because digital sensors use the green color channel for moderation of contrast, this Green 56 filter serves as an excellent way to control contrast in images that are captured in color and then desaturated in post to create a monochrome look. 

Red 25 is the strongest for creating stark contrast and dramatic scenes. 

Available in 4x5.65 size with other popular cinema sizes available on request. Special Kodak Wratten number colors can also be manufactured on order.

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