Introducing the Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder MkII

For the MKII, we went back to the drawing board and worked closely with an extensive team of industry leading photographers to build upon the successes of the MKI, whilst taking into account the feedback from our users in order to refine and improve upon every aspect of our holder.

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Onyx ND 85x90mm Neutral Density 3.0 (10 Stops)
The all new Onyx Neutral Density filters!

Onyx is made from tempered hardened optical glass, giving you added protection from accidental drops. For added peace of mind when using the system.

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Onyx Neutral Density Filter (IRND)


Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit


Onyx Neutral Density Hard Edge Grad Filter (IRND)


Onyx Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter (IRND)

The Science of Light

Formatt Hitech is the first company to apply advanced science and technology to the development of filters for digital photography and cinema. Our Firecrest coating technology allows us to manufacture filters designed for use with the ultra-high megapixel cameras on the market today. With Firecrest, we now offer the most neutral ND filters on the market, the darkest ND filters on the market, and our circular filters are offered in the thinnest rings on the market. Formatt Hitech filters are carefully crafted in the UK.

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Firecrest Ultra IRND

Our best performing and best selling filter class!


Firecrest ND

Firecrest multi-coating technology to fit any budget.

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Application and use of Formatt Hitech filters and systems

Formatt Hitech remains the only company who can produce genuinely bonded filters. This Firecrest multicoating technology,...

All serious landscape photographers use filters. Controlling and modifying the luminance of the sky is...

Travel photography benefits greatly from the use of filters. Filters can dramatically enhance skies, and...

Long exposure photography is a specialized type of photography that relies heavily on dark ND...

Advanced tips to get the most out of your Formatt Hitech filters. Preventing Light Leaks...

A basic overview of filters and how they're used in photography. Filter Basics Filters are...

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Superslim Uncoated Stackable Circular Polarizer


Resin Neutral Density Blender Filter