Introducing Formatt Hitech Custom Diffusion

Elevate Your Visual Storytelling with Precision Filters Formatt Hitech Custom Diffusion filters are the game-changing hidden gem you've been eagerly anticipating. Designed to isolate and enhance the three essential components of diffusion – Resolution, Halation, and Contrast – these filters are poised to revolutionize the art of visual storytelling..

About  Custom Diffusion 


Resolution: Sharpen Your Focus, Enhance Your Vision.

In the realm of image quality, resolution reigns supreme. It's all about capturing those exquisite details that make your subject truly stand out. In today's era of high-definition cameras, every nuance, every wrinkle, and every fabric pattern demands precise handling. That's where our Formatt Custom Resolution filters come into play.Featuring microlenses that artfully diffuse light while preserving crystal-clear focus on your subject, these filters are designed to ensure you never have to worry about unwanted fine details or troublesome moiré patterns when capturing intricate fabrics. With Formatt, you're in control of every aspect of your shot.


Halation: Adding Radiance to Your Scenes

Halation, that enchanting glow around your light sources, can transform your visuals from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine the captivating allure of candles or practical light bulbs radiating soft, ethereal blooms. Our filters utilize larger mist particles to create this mesmerizing effect, setting the mood and elevating your storytelling to new heights.Keep in mind that halation and contrast are inseparable companions. Different filter colors wield varying effects on light dispersion and contrast levels, offering you unparalleled creative control over your visuals.

Contrast: Perfect Balance for Exceptional Images

Contrast is the language of mood in your images. High contrast delivers deep blacks and striking highlights for a dramatic impact, while low contrast yields a subtle, nuanced look. Enter our Contrast filters, meticulously designed to evenly disperse light with fine mist particles, giving you the power to sculpt shadows and highlights. These filters are your key to post-production finesse, enabling you to manipulate light levels to create the perfect effect. Ideal for high dynamic range cameras, they ensure that every detail shines, even in the most challenging lighting conditions

Customization Meets Precision

Our Custom Diffusion filters are the epitome of precision, with a slim 2mm profile, perfect for stacking in cinema trays or using the Firecrest 4x5.65 Superslim 2mm tray. They also seamlessly fit into matte boxes with clamping/pressure mechanisms, such as the Bright Tangerine Atom. But the real beauty lies in customization. We offer bespoke manufacturing of single 4mm thick filters tailored to your exact specifications. Each filter is thoughtfully labelled with a code, providing you with clear insights into its diffusion characteristics. Furthermore, with half the glass in front of your lens, achieving the same effect requires less stacking and weight.

Seamless Integration: Single 4x5.65" in 4mm Filter

Now, imagine the convenience of having the combined power of Resolution, Halation, and Contrast filters all in one single 4x5.65" filter, elegantly condensed into a 4mm thickness. With Formatt Hitech Custom Diffusion, you can have your bespoke filter perfectly tailored to your needs and seamlessly integrated into a compact, easy-to-use format. Don't settle for ordinary visuals any longer. Elevate your storytelling with Formatt Hitech Custom Diffusion filters. Unleash your creativity and take your images to a whole new level. Order yours today and embark on a journey of unparalleled visual excellence.