The effect that polarizers have on photography is almost magical.

Bright glaring reflections on water magically disappear. Foliage becomes deep and rich. Haze evaporates from the sky leaving clouds silhouetted against dramatic blue skies. Formatt-Hitech’s polarizers are of the finest available. The circular polarization pattern means that they work seamlessly with any digital sensor

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Firecrest Superslim Circular Polarizer


Firecrest Superslim Circular Polarizer (39mm, 49mm, 62mm)


Firecrest Ultraslim Circular Polarizer


Cinema Polarizer


Circular Polarizer for Firecrest 85mm Holder


Glass Circular Polarizer


Superslim Uncoated Stackable Circular Polarizer


Ultraslim Uncoated Non-Stackable Circular Polarizer