Formatt Hitech USA

Carefully crafted in the UK to the most advanced scientific manufacturing processes in the filter industry; using advanced spectrography to analyze all spectrums of visible light plus ultraviolet, infrared, and near-infrared.

Formatt Hitech uses our award winning and exclusive Absorbing Cell Technology™ to dye our filter resin. The process absorbs color or effect into each resin cell rather than coating the surface, ensuring that the color is applied consistently across the filter. This means that each Formatt Hitech filter is consistently and accurately created each time. The densities and formulation of the dying process are strictly computer controlled, creating the most accurate filter reproduction in the world.

Formatt Hitech USA

Distribution in North America is handled by Formatt KT America, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

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Address: Formatt KT America, Inc.
5912 Bolsa Ave, Suite 202, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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Phone: +1 (714) 766-3310

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