Firecrest Nightscape Astro Light Pollution Filter


Size: 85x85mm
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Nightscape is a 85mm and 100mm night filter explicitly designed to remove the light spectrums associated with light pollution and sodium lamps.

During Astro shots, the light pollution from the modern world can be hard to deal with and lower the contrast as well as giving muddy orange and brown tones. Nightscape is a Neodymium coated filter designed to give your images the true colours of the night sky. It also benefits from the latest in Double-sided coatings with both anti-reflection and waterproofing.

Nightscape is not just for Astro, the filter is also excellent at balancing lights in cityscapes and removing the ugly orange casts from street lamps giving you improved colours and contrast in your final images.

This filter can save you many hours of editing as well as improving the overall look of the final images with enhanced colours. By actually filtering specific spectrums of light it means you are capturing what you want without the pollution being present.

Compatible with all 85mm or 100mm holders which take a 2mm thickness photography filter, it is the ideal partner to the Firecrest Filter holder systems.

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