Glass Clear UV - Formatt Hitech USA
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Clear UV


    The Formatt Hitech Clear UV filter is a clear filter which blocks out all UV light contamination which may cause the image to appear faded blue, gray or milky. UV haze would affect film and videotape by giving it a bluish cast and making distant details obscure, but the Formatt Hitech Glass Clear UV filter corrects this issue. This filter is made using Schott B270 that is precision polished and ground to provide optical clarity, flatness, and performance.

    The filter may be left on the camera at all times to provide an extra layer of protection from scratches, debris, and dust.

    This filter has a tint to help counteract UV light. If you are looking for clear optical glass with no tint, please see our Formatt Hitech Clear Optical Flat filter.


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