Firecrest is Formatt Hitech's premier filter coating technology.

Each Firecrest filter is engineered to exacting standards to give you the high quality images and control.
Whether Firecrest Standard, Firecrest Pro, or Firecrest Ultra rest assured your ultimate vision can be realized.
What is the difference between Firecrest Standard, Firecrest Pro, and Firecrest Ultra?
Firecrest ND Firecrest Pro Firecrest Ultra
Rare Earth IRND Coating
Scratch Resistant
Anti Reflective Edge Seal
Precision Lap and Polish

Firecrest Filters and Accessories

Firecrest Ultra Neutral Density (IRND) Photography Filter


Firecrest Neutral Density Circular Filter (IRND)


Step-Up Rings for Firecrest 85mm Holder


Step-Up Ring for Firecrest 100mm (MKI/MKII) Holder


Firecrest Pro ND 100x100mm Neutral Density Filter


Firecrest Superslim Circular Polarizer


Firecrest Nightscape Astro Light Pollution Filter


Firecrest 100mm Holder Kit