Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit - Formatt Hitech USA
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Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit


    The Seascape Kit from Formatt Hitech has been specifically designed with coastal photography in mind. We asked our seascape ambassadors which filters they would most like to see included in the kit.

    They replied a 0.9 GND (3 stop grad), and a 1.8 (6 stop ND). The graduated filter makes it possible to balance the exposure of the sky with the sea, while the 6 stop ND can be used to create a subtle movement to long exposures depending on the light.

    The inclusion of both a Hard Grad and a Soft Grad makes the kit ideal for all coastal imagery, whether it be a flat or rough horizon. The Hard Grad can also be used to make very dramatic images right against the horizon of the ocean.

    The Onyx ND 85mm Seascape Kit includes:

    • Onyx 85x110mm 0.9 Soft Grad ND
    • Onyx 85x110mm 0.9 Hard Grad ND
    • Onyx 85x90mm 1.8 Neutral Density
    • Firecrest 85mm Filter Holder system (including Circular Polarizer)

    About Onyx

    Onyx is made from tempered hardened optical glass, giving you added protection from accidental drops. For added peace of mind when using the system.
    Onyx features a brand new Anti-reflection coating. This coating works to reduce glare on the filters in bright direct sunlight. It also helps to remove any reflection between the filters, which can affect contrast and exposure.
    The Onyx coating is designed for neutrality even at high stop values. Using the latest Double Sided Coating techniques to give neutral colors with even coverage by applying the coating to both sides of the filter.
    Onyx is designed for all environments and features the latest Super Waterproof coating giving you peace of mind when it comes to taking amazing images in wet weather or by the sea and other water sources.
    Onyx by Formatt Hitech is a brand new coated filter system in 85mm and 100mm glass. These surface-coated filters are made to withstand a great deal being made of toughened mineral glass which makes it significantly more resistant to dropping and impact damage. The modern Multi-coating technology gives the filters many advantages over resin or traditional ND filters and is IRND, meaning it is suitable for all camera types.
    Onyx can be stacked without cast or distortions. This makes it possible to stack solid ND with Grads for greater effect. Or to stack ND for stronger effects.

    Without filter

    With Onyx 3.0


    Onyx is ideal for travel due to its tempered glass, making it better suited for rugged adventures.


    Landscape and Travel photographers spend a significant amount of time in nature. So it is especially important to our customers and to Formatt Hitech.

    The beauty of the earth, and the health of our environment is very important to Formatt Hitech. As part of our corporate responsibility, we want to do our part to slow global warming and improve the environment. So in partnership with Signature Artist Patrick De Frusia and his Give Back To Nature project, we will plant a tree for every Onyx filter purchased. And for every Onyx kit, we will plant 5 trees. We believe that this partnership is important as we all work towards building a better environment for everyone.


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