Tough Glass Made for Travel

Onyx by Formatt Hitech is a brand new coated filter system in 85mm size.

These surface-coated filters are made to withstand a great deal being made of toughened mineral glass which makes it significantly more resistant to dropping and impact damage. The modern Multi-coating technology gives the filters many advantages over resin or traditional ND filters and is IRND, meaning it is suitable for all camera types.

Multi Coating

Multi coating technology for optimal image performance

Anti Reflective Coating

Designed to reduce reflections allowing more options for stacking filters

Tough Glass

Constructed from hardened mineral glass for superior protection against accidental drops


Waterproof coating for worry free shooting in wet conditions

Onyx Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter (IRND) - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter (IRND) - Formatt Hitech USA
Onyx Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter (IRND) - Formatt Hitech USA

Onyx Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad Filter (IRND)



Landscape and Travel photographers spend a significant amount of time in nature. So it is especially important to our customers and to Formatt Hitech.

The beauty of the earth, and the health of our environment is very important to Formatt Hitech. As part of our corporate responsibility, we want to do our part to slow global warming and improve the environment.

In partnership with Signature Artist Patrick Di Fruscia and his Give Back To Nature project, we will plant a tree for every Onyx filter purchased. And for every Onyx kit, we will plant 5 trees. We believe that this partnership is important as we all work towards building a better environment for everyone. 



I shoot a lot of waterfalls and seascapes, I always need to slow down my shutter. Due to the fact that I mostly shoot those scenes at sunrise and sunset, a 6 Stop filter is often enough. ND Soft edge grad is what I often use in conjunction with the 6 Stop. In my seascapes I always try to balance out the scene and having everything done in-camera, so I often use a graduated filter for that. A polarizer is also always with me, I used it a lot of times to cut in reflections. As I shoot with water a lot, this filter is a must-have.

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Pedro Kin

My heart belongs in seascape photography as I live for the sea at my feet and the salt air in my lungs, those moments I get to steal away from the world and submerse myself in nature. I also run a lot of photography workshops along the coastline which is a real bonus as its never work when you love doing it. Photography is not a job its more of a way of life for me.

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Keiran Hayes

Exploring the great outdoors really helps me to unwind from day to day pressures and balance the mind. I often become overwhelmed by the scenes in front of me and struggle with appropriate composition but since falling in love with long exposure techniques I can slow things down and sometimes turn a mediocre shot into something special.

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Helen Trust