Firecrest 100mm Magnetic Holder System

The new Firecrest Magnetic holder system builds on the strengths of the tried and tested Firecrest system with additional enhancement in the introduction of the magnetic CPL attachment. The weakness of the old holder was the removal of the CPL. Although secure and functional, the feedback was it could be awkward to unscrew in the field if the weather was cold. So the system was redesigned to allow this to be done magnetically. At the same time, we designed a magnetic metal lens cap so that the rotating ring could remain attached to the lens speeding up use. The lens cap can also be used when transporting the holder on the camera, giving more peace of mind when using the system. 

Cold Weather

The Firecrest range has proved itself in some of the toughest environments. For the development of the Firecrest Magnetic system, it was sent to Iceland for Field testing before the design was finalised. It was essential to see how it held up in the extreme wind and snow of an Icelandic winter to know it would match the needs of our most adventurous photographers and cinematographers.

The introduction of a magnetic CPL makes the use of the holder system easier in harsh conditions as well as faster to use. We have also included a lens cap that can either be placed over the holder, the CPL or onto the lens. This gives you the option to leave the rotating ring screwed into the lens, making the system much faster to use in the field without risking your lens optics. 

A bigger polariser giving you a wider view

With recent developments in optical design, it has become more common for lenses to have larger threads. To accommodate these advancements we have expanded our CPL (circular polarising filter) to 86mm. This means wider compatibility and better performance on a range of new wide-angle lenses. It also makes it compatible with a range of cinema lenses such as the Tokina 11-20MM T2.9 and Tokina 25-75mm.

The polariser can be fitted into either included rotating ring adapter, and becomes an integral part of the holder. The polariser is operated with an easy to use thumbscrew. This allows you to set your grads and then dial in the exact polarising effect you want. Due to its free movement, this means you can leave the polarising filter (CPL) attached at all times and simply turn off the effect if not wanted. The construction of the filter also means you can use the CPL filter as an independent filter without the need of the holder.

The Holder Frame

We have made many subtle changes to improve the ergonomics of the holder, making it easy to hold and use even when wearing gloves in cold weather. The frame itself is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and includes scratch-resistant ABS slots and an integrated light leak gasket. The addition of a gasket on the frame removes the need to add gaskets

Included Accessories

The holder now comes with two sets of covers, one vented for use with grad filters and a completely closed one for improved performance on long and extremely long exposure photography. The light guards add an extra level of utility for photographers who work in changeable environments. The holder also functions like any other holder without the guards when light leak or reflection is of lower importance. 

 In the spirit of flexibility, all holders ship with extra slots that can be used as spares or with the included longer screws to make it a three-slot holder, making room for an incredible four filters with the included 86mm rear mount circular polariser attached.

A Hybrid System

The Firecrest Magnetic system has been designed to work as well with photographic and cinematic use with a range of Hollywood quality filters such as Firecrest Ultra and the new Ultralite diffusion range. The holder is ideal for rigged and lightweight set-up but also as a go-to solution for filmmakers who need to travel light. The holder system has been tested with a wide range of lenses and works well to 16mm on most full-frame systems. 

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