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Polarizers are essential filters for increasing the image quality of your outdoor photographs because they reduce atmospheric haze, increasing contrast between clouds and sky, and remove unwanted reflections from water, windshields, windows, and foliage. The Firecrest Circular Polarizers are premium quality polarizers housed in our precision milled SuperSlim or UltraSlim rotating polarizer rings.

The effect that polarizers have on photography is almost magical. Bright glaring reflections on water magically disappear. Foliage becomes deep and rich. Haze evaporates from the sky leaving clouds silhouetted against dramatic blue skies. Formatt Hitech’s polarizers are of the finest available. The circular polarization pattern means that they work seamlessly with any digital sensor (linear polarizers from any manufacturer should be avoided when using CMOS sensors).

Firecrest Polarizers have the added benefit of a reflection reducing coating. This is especially important when using polarizers as often the polarizer is employed to remove reflections that are bearing down directly on the barrel of the lens. For this reason, Formatt Hitech offers our revolutionary Firecrest anti-reflective coating for our polarizing filters. Firecrest coating protects against UV contamination, plus it reduces reflections, increases scratch resistance, and increases contrast and acuity.

We manufacture our high quality aluminum rings to the most demanding tolerances, and these really slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting.

UltraSlim Polarizer UltraSlim Polarizer rings are 4.5mm thin, but lack threads for stacking or a lens cap.

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Ultimate image control

Polarizers are an essential tool for any photographer. Increase contrast, color saturation, and reduce reflections. Gain ultimate control over your images with Formatt Hitech Firecrest Polarizers.

Without Polarizer

Unpolarized light enters your camera lens in multiple directions. The result can be washed out colors, unwanted reflections, and lower contrast.

With Polarizer

Use of a circular polarizer allows you to control reflections and dial in the right amount of contrast for your scene. Simply rotate the polarizer and see the effect in your viewfinder.

The Firecrest Difference

Firecrest filters are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our polarizers feature high efficiency polarization foil bonded in premium glass and precision polished at our factory in the United Kingdom. Experience the Firecrest difference.

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In recent years I've been thrilled to have won national competitions and to have had work featured in both print and broadcast media. The award which means the most to me was winning the 70th Anniversary "Moments in Time" competition held by the Campaign for National Parks. Getting involved with CNP has led to some great opportunities, including being accepted into the Formatt Hitech Ambassador program.

- Kieran Metcalfe