The bench-mark for excellence.

Firecrest is a revolutionary ND filter technology from Formatt-Hitech. Rather than dyed resin, Firecrest is a rare earth metal coating used to create hyper neutral NDs. These ND filter coatings are protected between two layers of Schott Superwite glass. Each filter is IRND, hydrophobic, anti-reflective, and extremely flare resistant.

Each Firecrest photography filter is IRND, meaning you don’t have to worry about color casts, so you can just concentrate on your photography. The light is always filtered evenly, including the Infra-Red spectrum, removing the risk of color casts, giving you the true colors in your images. Firecrest comes in our most popular densities from small corrections to a massive 16 stops for extreme long exposure photography.

What is the difference between Firecrest Standard, Firecrest Pro, and Firecrest Ultra?
Firecrest ND Firecrest Pro Firecrest Ultra
Rare Earth IRND Coating
Scratch Resistant
Anti Reflective Edge Seal
Precision Lap and Polish


Firecrest Standard

Firecrest Nightscape Astro Light Pollution Filter


Firecrest 85x85mm Neutral Density Filter


Firecrest Neutral Density Circular Filter (IRND)


Firecrest Neutral Density Soft Edge Long Grad Filter


Firecrest Neutral Density Soft Edge Long Grad Filter Kit


Firecrest Superslim Circular Polarizer