Firecrest Bloom Gold Filter


Size: 49mm
Density: 1/8
Ring Color: Gold
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Pablo Anzueto
1/4 strength not too different from 1/8

I had the 1/8 but returned it because I couldn’t notice the blooming effect too much. Bought the 1/4 and it is barely more. Don’t know how they measure each filter to get consistent strengths but maybe mine was bad batch. I like the effect though so just ordered the 1/2 version and too late to return the 1/4th one.

Christopher Do
Premium quality filter. Night time diffusion may be too strong for some.

Great quality and feel….the diffusion factor feels closer to a glimmerglass 1/2 rather than the 1/8 factor annointed. So night time highlight blooming may be extreme for some.

Brian George
the perfect thing

I've been looking for an all around filter that softens light and skin just the tiniest amount, such that it doesn't look like any obvious filtration is happening -- I've tried lots and this one at 1/8 is the perfect one. Love the very subtle warmth it adds. Gives my lenses the feel of much more expensive cinema glass.

Casey Lemons
So nice I did it twice

After I got one, I knew I was going to need two. It manages to make me 1/8 prettier.

gold is good

This filter doesn't bloom highlights like my mist filter did and it doesn't get blocky in the shadows - it was worth the wait for royal mail to deliver to the states - so i ordered 3 more - thanks Philip

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